Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ports of Call - The World on Your Plate


At Ports of Call, we celebrate “The World on Your Plate” but there are rules that govern our menu choices. We like being internationally eclectic but we’re not all over the place at the same time. Hence our concept emphasizes Mediterranean and Continental cuisine, as well as some American dishes. Local products such as locally caught fish influence what we provide as well, as well as local demand. We’ll occasionally includeDSCN1320_1000 some Indian dishes as specials, which, keeping in mind links that many of these same spices have to the Mediterranean, are not so far from the flavor profiles of our regular dishes.

Mediterranean Cuisine is really a blend of three major food families; Southern European, The Eastern Mediterranean, and North Africa. There is a large cultural variance in these food families, but they have also influenced each other over thousands of years. Looking at the map, it could be said that it is a truly global cuisine.

DSCN1326_1000We are now in the midst of a movement to rely more on local foods, which makes perfect sense for the most part. Let’s not waste our resources by transporting food thousands of miles when we don’t have to. But we’re still free to cook up food that originates in many cultures, and probably couldn’t avoid doing so even if we tried. Think about the world of cuisine but grow and catch locally, is our gastronomic equivalent to “think globally and act locally”.

Like the evolving cuisines of the Mediterranean that borDSCN1330_1000rowed globally, our own unique menus continue to evolve and grow. We are conscious of their global sources, especially since in the course of our lives we’ve travelled to so many places. Celebrate a World of Cuisine with us at Ports of Call. We strive to provide authentic, high quality presentations of the World’s fine cuisines.

We are thankful for our patrons and all who have shared a meal here. Your suggestions and feedback are welcome and appreciated. If you have dined with us, please scroll down and leave your r&j_1comments on TripAdvisor, and feel free to post to and , and .  It has been a great Summer and we are busy working on our Fall menu which will be posted soon.  – Jake Pfohl, Owner

Thanks to Ryan Seacrest for choosing Ports of Call for a birthday surprise for Julianne Hough during the filming of Safe Haven.  To Nicholas Sparks and all the cast and crew, we miss you and wish you the best!


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